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Caught Her State of the Union Response? ICYMI Watch Our Fangirl Spotlight with Stacey Abrams

Anyone who is an avid reader of The BGG and our social media accounts knows that I stan for Leader Stacey Abrams. Epic girl crush. Period.

From her historic run for governor of Georgia to her inspiring book Minority Leader, Stacey Abrams is the current day epitome of what leadership, intelligence, and devotion to public service looks like.

Last night, she became the first Black woman to deliver the Democratic response to the State of the Union Address. Normally, this honor is bestowed upon a current sitting member of Congress or elected official. The fact the Leader Abrams was chosen only reinforces that women of color are the present and future of politics in America, and we are just getting started.

When I launched The BGG back in April of 2018, I reached out to Leader Abrams to ask if I could interview her for our first Fangirl Spotlight. Being the supportive woman that she is, she said yes. Below you will find that interview and you will see the amazing warmth, pose, and knowledge that she displayed during her SOTU address.

If you want to keep up with Leader Abrams, follow her new endeavor Fair Fight Action which is working to protect voting rights for Americans across the United States.

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