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WHM 2019: The BGG Contributor Leslie Herod Makes the Higher Heights Chisholm 50 List!

One of our favorite organizations is Higher Heights for America, an organization dedicated to building political power for Black women.

This month, they launched the Chisholm 50 Sisters to Watch list. Per Higher Heights:

As elected leaders take up their offices this January, Americans across the country will be seeing more Black women representing their interests on the national, state and local levels. These women—many newly elected or moving into higher office—are stepping into leadership at a time when our country is embroiled in troubling, frequently violent conflicts over national identity, civil and human rights, income inequality and opportunities. Still, they have boldly stepped off the sidelines in response to these challenges, and in doing so, they are walking in the leadership legacy of Shirley Chisholm, a true maverick who 50 years ago was sworn in, becoming the first Black woman elected to the U.S. Congress.Chisholm also entered office at a moment when our country was challenged by divisive ideologies and policies, but she refused to let these divisions detour her work to enact progressive policies that ensure civil and human rights and opportunities for all Americans. So, in honor of Chisholm’s legacy, Higher Heights is proud to present the Chisholm 50 Sisters to Watch List—a roundup highlighting 50 Black women whose elected leadership will help shape and advance America’s political agenda over the next two years.

We are so proud of The BGG contributor Leslie Herod who made the list!

Rep. Leslie Herod is Colorado’s 1st Black LGBT legislator. She is an aggressive legislator, passing bills on criminal justice reform such as helping prisoners more easily obtain college education, housing discrimination, civil rights and youth mental health treatment.

Congrats Leslie! You can view the full list here.

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