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Vanity Fair - 8 Election Podcasts To Get You Through the Home Stretch

The U.S. presidential election is in less than two weeks, and with so much at stake, this “home stretch” can feel particularly excruciating on an existential level.

Whether it’s intense political engagement you’re looking for or an opportunity to step back and see the bigger picture, we’ve rounded up political podcasts that approach election coverage from a variety of different angles, allowing for listeners to engage with updates and analysis in whatever way feels most sustainable to them.

We’ll be frank: there’s no crystal ball here. Across all of these shows there is a distinct sense of uncertainty about the outcome of the election and its aftermath, even amongst experts. But it can still feel empowering to be armed with the most relevant and helpful information. As Americans navigate uncharted waters, the right podcast can serve as, if not the whole lifeboat, then at least a small, useful flotation device.

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