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TIME Magazine - The Best Politics Podcasts to Help You Make Sense of the 2020 Election

This is a strange and confusing election year—to put it mildly. It seems impossible to fathom how the spread of COVID-19, protests for racial justice across the country and a vacant Supreme Court seat will factor into who wins on November 3. And many questions remain unanswered: Should you vote in person or by mail? What does the fact that so many pollsters and pundits predicted a Clinton win in 2016 mean for Joe Biden’s poll numbers in 2020?

Dozens of excellent podcasts strive to offer answers and context. They fact-check the candidates’ statements. They explain what is happening in the news and why it matters. And they obsessively track the polls, while pressing upon listeners that they shouldn’t let leads in the race determine whether or not they actually decide to head to the voting booth (or put a stamp on their ballots). Some feature journalists who have reported on Donald Trump and Joe Biden for years, if not decades. Others rely on the expertise of advisors who worked on presidential campaigns for Barack Obama or John McCain for insight into the 2020 race.

These are just some of the best shows that you ought to tune into to keep up with the breakneck pace of political news headed into what will likely be one of the most complicated and impactful elections in American history.

This Wonder Media Network show highlights some seriously badass BIPOC women in politics who unfortunately don’t get the platform they ought to have on other podcasts. Host A’shanti Gholar interviews women like Representative Barbara Lee of California and Virginia Delegate and gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Carroll Foy about their experiences and work in short, digestible 20-minute episodes. Their career paths are truly fascinating and inspiring—Delegate Foy, for instance, became one of the first women to graduate from Virginia Military Institute and ran for and won her office while pregnant with twins.

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