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The BGG Podcast - Women of Color Leading National Democratic Political Committees

Season 2 of the podcast continues!

Throughout the rest of the season, we’ll be sharing roundtable discussions that were recorded live with incredible Brown girls. In the first episode in this series, you’ll hear from senior women of color leaders across the National Democratic Committees. They discuss what it takes to elect women of color, the grueling work of campaigns, imposter syndrome, and finding your squad. Get ready for a phenomenal discussion with Lucinda Guinn (Executive Director, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), Farah Melendez (Political Director, Democratic Attorneys General Association), Wendi Wallace (Deputy Executive Director, Democratic Governors Association), and Muthoni Wambu Kraal (National Political & Organizing Director, DNC).

Special thanks to ActBlue for sponsoring this episode and to Hustle for hosting us in their Washington, D.C. office.

The Brown Girl's Guide to Politics Podcast is all about amplifying the voices of women who are too often forgotten in media coverage. Host A’shanti Gholar leads conversations with women changing the face of politics. Episodes include interviews with politicians, candidates, and influencers. Get ready for roundtables, analyzing current events, and more! 

In the BGG to Politics blog, A’shanti created a space for women of color to learn about the current state of women in politics, to support others breaking into the political sphere, and to celebrate incredible people changing the course of the country. A’shanti founded the blog in 2018 and teamed up with Wonder Media Network in 2019 to extend her platform to audio.

The Brown Girls Guide is produced by Cinthia Pimentel. Original music was composed by Elisheba Ittoop.

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