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The BGG Podcast - Looking Forward: Immigration and DACA

Host A’shanti Gholar speaks to Cecillia Wang, Deputy Legal Director at the ACLU and Director of the Center for Democracy, and Astrid Silva, co-founder of Dream Big Nevada and Organizing Director at the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. They discuss the current status of the DACA program in the US and what the future might look like for DREAMers under the Biden-Harris administration.

In the BGG to Politics blog, A’shanti created a space for women of color to learn about the current state of women in politics, to support others breaking into the political sphere, and to celebrate incredible people changing the course of the country. A’shanti founded the blog in 2018 and teamed up with Wonder Media Network in 2019 to extend The BGG platform to audio.

The Brown Girls Guide to Politics is produced by Cinthia Pimentel.

Listen here or below.


The ACLU has filed over 400 legal actions against Donald Trump since his inauguration, including numerous actions directly related to the Trump administration’s stances on immigration and asylum-seekers.

Dream Big Nevada formerly Dream Big Vegas) is a club dedicated to educating the community about issues facing DREAMers and their families.

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