Report: State of Black Women and Girls in 21st Century America

The Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls released a new report. You can read the full report here and below is a part of the introduction.

Considering current national events, the State of Black Women and Girls in 21st Century America seems even

more relevant today than it did a year ago. Essays by congressional colleagues as well as healthcare and financial professionals, entrepreneurs, social activists and educators tackle a variety of issues that impact Black women and girls, including health care and economic disparities and transformative justice. The report also

examines public education, the intersectionality and cultural perspective of violence against Black women as well as non-traditional career opportunities in trades and scientific fields.

Overall, this report provides insight into the experiences and many challenges Black women

and girls have faced, persevered and overcome. In addition, it proposes recommendations and legislative initiatives to eliminate barriers and promote opportunities for Black females.

Ultimately, we hope the State of Black Women and Girls in 21st Century America spurs further discourse and ideas to elevate the lives of our Black sisters. More important, we

hope this report serves as a clarion call for change.

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