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New Report: Listening is Power - Women of Color & This Political Moment in America by She The People

In 2022, She the People launched a ten-state Listening Tour to hear what’s on the minds of women of color voters in key battleground and stronghold states this Election season. It is necessary to listen to and understand the stories and narratives behind the growth, participation and even hesitation of women of color in the political process. Based on She the People’s core values of love, justice, democracy, and belonging, women of color narratives gathered in listening sessions combined with national polls provide a vantage point on the current political climate, the role of voting, what issues are most important and the potential of coalition building for power. Developed in partnership with an all woman of color research team from the University of Southern California, the report is its first data set produced for its new Women of Color Data Lab, an initiative aimed at putting data on women of color front and center in political conversations and elections. Read the report ar

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