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New Report: PACs and Donors - Agents of Change for Women’s Representation

A thriving democracy is within our reach, but we must ensure that women across the racial, ideological, and geographic spectrum of the United States have equal opportunities to run for political office so that our nation’s rich diversity is reflected in our governance.

We can strengthen our democracy by holding Political Action Committees (PACs) and individual donors responsible for helping to level the political playing field. PACs and donors both play a critical gatekeeper role when it comes to making political candidacies viable and must be considered as we work to increase women’s political representation.

the research and analysis completed for the 2016 election cycle by RepresentWomen (then

Representation2020) in conjunction with the Center for Responsive Politics and Common

Cause. RepresentWomen analyzes the data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics’

OpenSecrets project with a gender lens to concisely report on the financial barriers women

can face when running for office.

For additional information or to share your comments on this report, please contact:


6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 240

Takoma Park, MD 20912

(301) 270-4616

RepresentWomen is a research-based advocacy group that promotes the use of data-driven strategies to advance women’s representation and leadership in the United States and abroad. To achieve our mission, RepresentWomen partners with allies across the country and political spectrum who help to amplify our work by putting what we’ve researched into practice. By working in concert with our allies to address political barriers to office, we can ensure that more women can RUN, WIN, SERVE & LEAD.

Contributors: Cynthia Richie Terrell, Courtney Lamendola, Maura Reilly, Corinne Bennett,

Jordan Westendorf, Mckenna Donegan, and Marilyn Harbert

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