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Essence: America is Still on the Verge of an Eviction Crisis, and Black Women Will Suffer the Most

From BGG Founder A'shanti F. Gholar. Read the full op-ed here.

Upon the Biden-Harris victory last November, the pandemic was finally looking up for Black and Brown communities in the U.S. Amid glimmering promises from the new administration with a platform centered on racial equity, climate action, gun safety, and criminal justice reform was a staunch commitment to curb the pandemic and restore justice to millions of Americans. Certainly, there have been many successes in the past year: in March, Biden announced that he would offer $250 million in federal grants to organizations that work to encourage COVID-19 safety and vaccinations in underserved communities. His first slate of judicial nominations included four Black women and a candidate who would be the first Muslim American federal judge in U.S. history.

Even with all of these victories, right now all eyes are on the CDC’s new short-term eviction moratorium that expires in two months. In July, 3.6 million Americans reported that they will likely face homelessness in the coming months. As someone who dealt with housing insecurity as a child, I have been paying close attention to this particular issue. Even with the first Black and Asian female Vice President and a President whose victory was sealed due to Black women voters, Black women continue to be hit the hardest during this pandemic. The recent eviction moratorium fight was once again an example of how our government’s policies try to find band-aid solutions in lieu of working to combat the systemic racism at play in the crisis. In light of this, I have dedicated the seventh season of my podcast The Brown Girls Guide To Politics to explore the connections between the pandemic and recent economic hardships faced by Black, Brown and Indigenous women.

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