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Podcast: "Women in the House" Featuring Congressional Candidate Lauren Underwood, Glynda C

About The Women in the House Podcast:

More women in office? Yes, please! It's been a dark few years, but in this narrative-style show we're digging into stories of hope. We're talking about the record number of women running for office this November. Jenny Kaplan brings you candidates - plus experts and thought leaders to explain why there are so few women in office, what it would mean if there were more, and how Congress would change if it looked more like the people it represents. Wonder Media Network presents its very first show, Women belong in the House. Subscribe, review, and tell your friends! Let's start a conversation.

Listen to Episode 4: Unbought and Unbossed featuring Illinois Congressional Candidate Lauren Underwood, Higher Heights Co-Founder Glynda Carr, and The BGG Founder A'shanti F. Gholar. Listen below!

In case you want to hear more, Wonder Media Network released a bonus episode featuring a slightly edited interview with A'shanti.

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