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National Voter Registration Day 2018!

Voting is one way we express ourselves as a community, as voters, and Americans, but to exercise this basic right, we must be registered to vote!

National Voter Registration Day is celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of every September by thousands of volunteers, organizations, businesses, schools, and election officials from all over the country. This year, decisions will be made that determine who runs your state, legislatures, governorships, city elections, and more, and how your state is represented in Congress. By all accounts, this year’s midterms are on the minds of the American people in a way that seems wholly different than 2014’s elections. In a year already filled with record turnout for primaries across the country, a June report from Pew Research shows that voter enthusiasm toward this November’s election is up 10% over the last midterm four years prior.

At the national level, hundreds of seats in the House and Senate are at the whim of the electorate who want to have a say in how their state is represented in the Federal government, what and how laws will be applied to their daily lives. In short, citizens will determine who runs their state and how their state is represented in Congress. To that end, we want to meet the electorate where they are! And their minds are on the midterm elections.

That’s why The Brown Girls Guide to Politics is a proud partner and supporter of National Voter Registration Day, which happens to be today. And you can be part of this amazing day!

Thanks for taking a few moments to strengthen your community – and our country – with your voice.

*Information provided by The National Voter Registration Day Team

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