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Don't Miss Out! The Inaugural Black Millennial Political Convention

The Black Millennial Political Convention was an idea created by the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, Dr. Wes Bellamy who is a good friend of mine from our days at South Carolina State University. It was one random Sunday that I was reading Twitter when I noticed Wes tweeted about doing a millennial political convention geared towards young African Americans. This piqued my interest. I immediately hit him up and said, "Let's do it!"

One thing led to another and the idea was created and formulated. From the initial conversation, Wes formed a team of amazing young African American professionals and dates and visions were outlined. On the second call, we welcomed new dynamic leaders that were making their mark politically to the conversation. Our vision was clear: We wanted to have the inaugural Black Millennial Political Convention because we know it is important to have political engagement that is focused solely on young African Americans. It seems as if the Black millennial voice has been lost in translation and has only been used as talking points (if that).

We wanted to create an event where people can network, build, learn, and grow all at the same time.

We wanted to create something exclusive to the Black millennial where they can enhance and learn more about themselves and their skill set.

We wanted to create something so Black millennials will become more politically engaged.

We wanted Black millennials to have better access to the table so we won't just be on the menu.

We wanted to create something where the Black millennial feels empowered and motivated to not only run for office, but to also manage campaigns, create consulting firms, and become senior staffers.

The Convention is us coming together to show we have the experience and the knowledge, and are willing to do the hard work to gain more experience and knowledge in the political world and help build the next generation of Black millennial leaders.

The schedule is jammed pack! From a welcome reception with prominent members of the political community bringing greetings, to a "Wakanda" themed gala, to a host of panels, seminars and special guests, this is a convention that Black millennials don't want to miss. All of us are in this is because we want to form and create the next (or new) Black millennial power evolution. Will you join us?

Find out more about us at

Bryanta Booker-Maxwell is a convener of the Black Millennial Convention and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Young Democrats of America.

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