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Black Excellence: Essence’s ‘Woke 100’

I remember being a little girl and always reading Essence. Be it at home or in the beauty salon, Essence has been a staple magazine for Black women. What makes reading Essence different now than when I was a young girl, is not simply flipping through the glossy pages and seeing women that look like me, but now, women that I have the privilege of knowing.

Essence has just released their 2018 'Woke 100 Women' List To Highlight Black Women Change-Agents that features everyone from elected officials, to radio personalities, and activists that are making moves in their industry. I beam with pride when going through this list because as a Black woman living in a world that everyday tries to diminish your worth and talent, this list shows that Black women are some of the best leaders, inventors, and influences walking the earth.

I encourage you to read the full list, but here is my shoutout to the amazing women on the list I know!

Amber Goodwin: Amber is one of my oldest friends and is in my sister circle. She is the founding director of the Community Justice Reform Coalition which focuses on gun violence prevention in communities of color, and is one of the few Black women to work in this space.

Glynda C. Carr and Kimberly Peeler-Allen: I am pretty sure not a week goes by in which I don’t email, call, or frantically text my ladies at Higher Heights for America. I first met Glynda when I worked at the DNC and Higher Heights was just getting off the ground. I am so proud to see the power house organization Higher Heights has turned into over the past few years.

Edda Collins Coleman: The All In Together campaign is making great strides in getting women politically and civically engaged. I admire Edna so much for being a great businesswoman, wife, and mother to her two beautiful girls.

Tanya Lombard: Everyone in DC knows that Tanya is THAT BLACK WOMAN when it comes to social good and truly investing in organizations and events that benefit people of color. Thank you Tanya for everything you do

Eboni K. Williams: One of my favorite books from 2017 is Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success. In the book, Eboni puts her #BlackGirlMagic on full display and dishes out great advice on career and life for Black women just getting started or in their prime.

Mayor Yvonne Spicer: Did you know that the first mayor of Framingham, MA is a Black woman? And, did you know she is an Emerge America alumna from the Emerge Massachusetts boot camp program? Yvonne is the epitome of why I do the work I do - to see Black women in elected office at all level across the country.

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